Memories Within Dreams: The Art & Concepts of Gary Montalbano Book

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Memories Within Dreams: The Art and Concepts of Gary Montalbano

Memories Within Dreams: The Art and Concepts of Gary Montalbano. 160 pages, full color, over 450 pieces of art, available in softcover or hardcover with a forward by Steven Olds.

Memories Within Dreams: The Art and Concepts of

Gary Montalbano

Gary Montalbano’s first book, “Memories within Dreams: The Art and Concepts of Gary Montalbano,” shows why for two decades his professional design work and his published personal art has been influential in projects for major entertainment companies such as Marvel Entertainment, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., ILM (Industrial, Light and Magic, Lucas Film Ltd), Film Roman/Starz, Sony, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Rhythm & Hues, DreamWorks, Disney and more than 100 other projects and clients.

In this full-color, 160 page book Gary is able to present a portion of his professional work along with an exclusive look at his unique personal art and projects.  He also shares his history and informative creative process in this premier volume of well over 450 pieces of his innovative and inspiring artwork.

Take a look at some excerpts from the book in the Sample Pages gallery.

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  • Gary,

    I purchased 3 of your prints back in the 90’s when we both worked at Film Roman. I gave one as a birthday gift but I kept the floating tree one and the woman one, that I think is titled Mayorra. I just wanted to thank you for these and all the conversation that they have brought into my home. The have been a great sense of enjoyment for me.

    I hope that life is treating you well.

    Bonnie Dillon

  • Thank you Bonnie for the kind words and great hearing from you! Hope you and your family are all doing well.

  • Good day very nice site, Gary!! .. Beautiful .. Wonderful drawings and paintings!
    I will bookmark your website and take the feeds also if possible?
    I’m happy to see numerous, helpful art and design info here, which I can develop extra techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . .

    Gary Brear

  • Hi Gary!

    I was at Comikaze this past year and I was looking around at all the art and just past by most of them; none of them really caught my eye, but when I past your table, I just had to stop! I think your concept art is so imaginative and exquisite! Maybe you don’t remember me but I stopped at your booth with my dad and bought a book and two prints at Comikaze! I really enjoy your art and the text in your book is very informative, especially the part about your experience gong to art school. I am a musician (composer/singer-songwriter) and I recently was conflicted between a 4 year university and going to Cornish College of the arts. Reading your testimony about your experience with Art Center and the financial burdens of going to an arts college really made my decision to go with the four year university (and at a cheaper price!) a more solidified and happy choice! I actually started to write a composition based on your work “Mayorra” by the way, I got so much inspiration from it! Take Care


    • Hi Brianna,
      Thank you for your kind message and sharing of your personal experience. And thank you for coming by at the convention. I am flattered that my art book and my history helped with your college choices. I wish for you many years of success and fulfillment through your creative endeavors!
      Wishing you the best always,

  • My brother suggested I may like your website. He was right!
    This website and your book truly made my day. You can’t believe how much time I had spent looking at your beautiful art and bio history and interview information! Thank you! Ann

  • This morning came across your site after looking through business cards from Comic con. What a great surprise! Gary, your site and art are wonderful! I am very curious to see the book now!

  • Hello Gary,
    Last April my brother had picked up your book from you at Wondercon thinking I might like it. He was the tall guy with the steam punk top hat who asked you about big studio animation. Your book is awesome! Man, I am blown away at how much quality art you’ve done. We are definately wanting your next book. Please make a announcement or something to let us know when it is available. We’ll check back here and your facebook site.
    be cool, Jake

  • Hi, Gary, stumbled across this page when on a quest to prove that there were Italians named Gary. Srange but true! 🙂 Impressive work! And it’s nice to know there are so many of us Montalbanos forging our way in the worlds of the arts . . . Not sure where you are located, but my daughter Maren is doing really well as a classical singer on the East Coast. Live and thrive, my man! Wonderful energy.

  • Hi,
    I purchased your Hard Cover edition of, “Memories Within Dreams” at Comikaze 2015! I really enjoyed reading through your artist career that you incorporated throughout the book. Though I’m not an artist, I appreciated all the work you included in this book and your explanations about how some of the pieces were created.
    Pat Bearden

  • This is Alexa Lowe,

    I attended CTN and stopped by your table on Saturday. I just wanted to drop you a message to say thank you for looking at my portfolio and thanks for the awesome merchant! I love the book, and love the poster that came with it (I’m totally hanging it on my wall!).

    You definitely have my support. I’ll for sure be keeping an eye on your amazing work!

    Much appreciated,
    Alexa Lowe

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